Rothrin's Poems

Twelve Roses

One black rose to remember her eyes
One to remember her smile
One black rose to feel her touch
One just to hold her awhile
One black rose to kiss her lips
One to touch her hair
One black rose to hear her voice
One for all that we shared
One black rose to smell her perfume
One while we walked under stars
One black rose to taste her love
And one just to die in her arms


Feathered Tears

Into the night
I fly upon wings of darkness.
Obsidian eyes shed charcoal tears.
Such sadness and pain
Echoed upon a coarse cry.
A warm ominous wind,
Rustling leaves in the silent dark.
Rain falls,
Or am I crying?
It does not matter.
My bitter claws reach for a trusted perch,
A tombstone.
It guards this sacred place,
This grave.
The grave of my true love,
Long dead, but not forgotten.
I watch,
And remember,
And cry.
The pain fills me.
I welcome it with a lovers embrace,
For that is all I have left,
The suffering.
I watch,
And remember,
And cry in the rain,
So no one can see.
I am nothing,
Just a crow in the rain.

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