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Arioch's 'Thing' of the Week (01/23)

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February 6th, 1998 Updated at 11:54pm EST

BSP .92

Well, all right! A new version of BSP is out at the BSPHQ. You can download it from here. As usual, Yahn has incorporated a lot of new features and bug fixes, making BSP even better. It is my personal favorite editor, and fully supports Quake/Quake2 and Hexen2!


February 5th, 1998 Updated at 11:07pm EST

GLDoom Page

A very cool page detailing the Gl port of Doom by Bruce Lewis is at this location. He updates nearly everyday with all the little details of programming the Gl port. Some GL screen shots are there to, so go and visit him.

YPOD Doom/Quake Entity List

The YPOD group finally put up the entity list for their Doom/Quake conversion if anyone is interested.

January 24th, 1998 Updated at 11:29pm EST

Descent Source Code

In a surprise move Parallax Software has released the source code to Descent I, and also their level editor! You can get it fromt the Descent Developer's Resources page. It's pretty interesting from a programmers perspective. Now you can compare the differences in the Doom/Descent engines, and to some degree Quake/Quake2 (from the souce code in DDJ sourcebooks, and Abrash's Black Book).

.wal Plug-In for Photoshop

I saw on Blue's that a Plug-In for Photoshop is now available that will allow you to load and save in the Quake2 .wal texture format! Very cool. I've used it myself already and it works like a charm. Get it now!

JQuake Project

This is a group working on a Java interface to the gamex*.dll. If it works out it would solve a lot of the mod addition problems. Go check out their web page. Pretty interesting stuff.

January 23rd, 1998 Updated at 1:24pm EST

QME 3.1

The Quake Model Editor 3.1 is out at 3dMatrix. This is an upgrade for 3.0 users. There are patches for the lite and full versions there. Don't forget that a new version of QED that supports Quake2 is also out at the site.

Doom Nostalgia

I have found one hell of a cool Doom site. It's at and you can download the Doom Alpha's, Beta and all the versions of Doom itself (registered/shareware wad's required). It's really great. The one alpha includes the special version of the BFG! Check out some 3d gaming history.

Akuma's SPQ

This is one cool site. Contrary to the name, this site is almost entirely an editing site for Quake 2, and a very good one at that. There are many tutorials to check out and lots of good info.

Clan Members Real LifeTM Report

A couple of our Clan are on some Real Life adventures this week. Sequoia is in Canada freezing his jibs off, and Grim is in southern Ohio on a spelunking expedition.

January 22nd, 1998 Updated at 6:44pm EST

Grand Re-opening!

Hail and well met! Welcome to the grand re-opening of the Halls Of Chaos! Feel free to look around and make yourself at home. There are probably a few lingering broken links, but they should be cleared up in a day or two.

Clan Arioch Direction

In the beginning, there was Doom. It was the foundation of what has become a vast online community of people from across the globe. Upon the release of Quake, our community became a true phenomenon. Literally 1000's of web pages and uncounted gigabytes of data were devoted to this gaming genre. Now almost two months after the release of Quake ][, and with the upcoming releases of Unreal, Half-Life, Sin, Duke Nukem Forever and others, it is time for the Clan to broaden its' horizons and embrace these games. To this end, this page will now carry news of all these games, and also news of the 3d gaming world in general. Thanks for your support, and long live Clan Arioch!


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