Origin of the Clan

It is said that the genesis of Clan Arioch began in a moment of supreme clarity, as Rothrin, in the heat of battle, discharged his Lightning Gun into the slimy waters of a forgotten Deathmatch Plane. This discharge, as it fragged five other Quake Warriors and himself, sparked the intellect into action. In this moment of extreme jibosity, divine inspiration and sinking body parts illuminated the core of Rothrin's being, filling him with the truth of the Deathmatch Realms. The path to victory was clear, and that path was Chaos. It was in this shining moment that Clan Arioch was born.


Victory through Chaos. Disrupt, Distract, Destroy!


'Arioch! Arioch! Blood and Souls for my Lord Arioch!'


Colors? What? This is Chaos were talking about here. We'll wear whatever colors we feel like whenever we feel like it!

Quake Naming Convention

All members will have the following symbols prefixed to their names: _-=*

These symbols (underscore, dash, equals, asterisk) represent Arioch's Star, a comet.

Note, that this looks better in Quake than it does on a web page. :-}

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