The Horsemen Come Forth

“And I looked, and behold! a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed after him…”
— Revelations 6:8

How much does it take to make a person see? See what is happening? To wake up and finally realize that the current Great Cycle is coming to an end?

Is the Japanese mega-quake not enough?

Is the tsunami that followed after not enough?

Is the Fukushima meldown not enough?

Perhaps pumping radioactive water directly into the ocean would be enough?

Or, maybe, a leaderless and imbecilic US federal government would be enough?

What about a US economy doomed to eventual collapse by a government that has spent your great grandchildrens money?

Ah, I know, surely the dominos of Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, and Yemen would be enough? Or the fact that all of these one after the other is not a coincidence, is that not enough?

No? Then what about a moronic war in Libya with no one in control of it? Not enough?

Well, then, how about a group that believes truly they can bring back a great holy person, the 12th Imam, Al Mahdi, by destroying the world as we know it? That must be enough for you, eh? Did I mention this group controls Iran? Or that Iran is behind the uprisings?

Of course, there’s also this, ,and this. Right out of the Book of Revelations…

Draw your own conclusions.

Of course, if you’d rather not think of all this, don’t worry, go back and be controlled by your tv. Just like this patent at the US Patent Office says.

Rothrin was listening to: Johnny Cash – Ain’t No Grave :while creating this post.

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