The Cycle Continues

If you’ve come here before, you’re probably wondering, ” wtf happened? The sites all changed! “. I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade hosting ( I am now with Hostgator ), and to new and better web technologies. As a consequence, it’s time to do some house cleaning on the site. The old version of the site had a lot of ‘cobwebs’ even if they were invisible to all of you out there in the Matrix, they were visible to me and now I can get rid of them.

You’ll get to see the site as it changes now while I work to bring back the functionality that I’d like to keep. Will I restore all the old articles and posts? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m not really sure yet. Let’s just play it by ear shall we?

In the meantime, don’t worry, nothing is wrong in the least. Just time for a change as the cycle has begun anew…

Rothrin was listening to B Tribe – The Sun while creating this post. 🙂

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